Video: Using DMTs in pregnancy

Video: Using DMTs in pregnancy

9th-10th June 2017 Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Meeting overview 

The Pregnancy in MS Masterclass is a one and a half day meeting for neurologists who work in Europe. The agenda is designed to allow attendees to learn and discuss how MS impacts family planning and can be managed throughout pregnancy.

During the Masterclass, we aim to explore the current data and experience which exists for the use Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs) in pregnancy and how the journey of a pregnant MS patient might differ in the clinical setting. There were two interactive workshops to examine approaches to specific cases through expert-led group discussion.

The Masterclass was led by two neurologists who are experts in managing MS in pregnancy. They shared their knowledge and experience during this interactive programme to give attendees greater confidence to both manage pregnancy in their own clinical practice and to guide their colleagues.

Dr. Kerstin Hellwig MD Senior Consultant, Neurology  Chair  Department of Neurology  St. Josef Hospital / Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Dr. Doriana Landi MD, PhD Consultant, Neurology Department of Neuroscience Policlinico “Tor Vergata”/ University of Rome Tor Vergata Rome, Italy

Video (28 min): Using Disease Modifying Treatment in pregnancy (Dr. Kerstin Hellwig)


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